Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrate the Earth

April 22 marks the annual Earth Day celebration, and in the wake of recent events, many are reexamining the true meaning of the holiday for both themselves and their communities. Across the globe there have been storms, and other geological events, that are causing some to raise an alarm of sorts. This newly awakened concern is taking root in a variety if movements: renewable energy, recycled or reusable building materials, and the development of a culture of sustainability.
On the mall there were countless people demonstrating passion for the issues that affect their communities simply by their presence out there in the rain.

(Shanesse Ann and Warren Brave)

The impact of this change of environmental consciousness and awareness in society, from a culture of convenience, can be seen in communities across the nation.  Think, live, and be a source of renewable energy for the growth and prosperity of your community and world, is the spirit of this day of remembrance.