Monday, November 8, 2010

Sex Sells. Group Presentation Reflection

Sex sells. Many artists have made songs about this tragic truth. “We’re conditioned,” the Women on a Mission stated. As I listened to the “Women on a Mission”, I began to think about the quality of our representations in the media. They were absolutely right in their assessment of the situation; America has become more vivid in its love for materialism.
Sex is a physical, spiritual, and emotional connection between two made-from-love human beings, however when viewed through the lens that society dictates it is just another ‘thing’ to be obtained, conquered. The way they (the media) use it to entice every viewer and listener is akin to how they use beautiful cars and big houses to seduce someone to buy a new TV or a vacation. Sex is being used as a tool to advertise the power of materialism.
The idea of sex being used as a tool of materialism is just another level to the consistent progress toward the sale of all elements of humanity in the name of profit. If slavery was the whole-sale of human beings on the open market, then this ‘new’ industry is more sophisticated; it is the sale of the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of our selves, individually packaged.

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