Monday, November 8, 2010

Sex Sells. Group Presentation Reflection

Sex sells. Many artists have made songs about this tragic truth. “We’re conditioned,” the Women on a Mission stated. As I listened to the “Women on a Mission”, I began to think about the quality of our representations in the media. They were absolutely right in their assessment of the situation; America has become more vivid in its love for materialism.
Sex is a physical, spiritual, and emotional connection between two made-from-love human beings, however when viewed through the lens that society dictates it is just another ‘thing’ to be obtained, conquered. The way they (the media) use it to entice every viewer and listener is akin to how they use beautiful cars and big houses to seduce someone to buy a new TV or a vacation. Sex is being used as a tool to advertise the power of materialism.
The idea of sex being used as a tool of materialism is just another level to the consistent progress toward the sale of all elements of humanity in the name of profit. If slavery was the whole-sale of human beings on the open market, then this ‘new’ industry is more sophisticated; it is the sale of the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of our selves, individually packaged.

Education is the Key (group presentation reflection)

Education is the key. We are constantly hearing that statement over and over again. It has been drummed into our heads more precisely than we can recite the ABC’s, yet this gold that we seek is becoming ever increasingly illusive. The group spoke about the challenges that one faces in the education system and how the majority of it falls under personal responsibility; I disagree.
I’m sure that once a young adult reaches college or graduate school that much of their progress from that point forward hinges strictly on personal initiative and responsibility, BUT there has never been a baby that breast fed itself. I say that to say this, the purpose of a student is to learn and ALL students learn to their full ability, however, the teacher and parents jobs are to make sure what they are learning and how they are learning it will benefit them in the future and help them grow into a more complete human being. That being said, teachers and parents must have an intimate relationship with one another so that the child can learn in a way that doesn’t constantly conflict with their reality protecting them from the distractions and helping them to focus.
Parents are your first teachers and one of the issues the group addressed was the lack of a complete family unit in Black households. Coming from a family that has both a Mother and a Father, though only one generation removed from extreme poverty and a single Mother household in the projects, I know how important a sense of community is; that community starts in the home and its difficult to compensate for a missing half of a family unit. There’s no easy fix to the problem that plagues us in America, diminishing sense of community, but it starts with oneness and cooperation between the child’s first teachers(the parents) and all those who will teach the child in the formal sense in the future.