Monday, October 4, 2010

Be the Dew Drop

Understanding the Principles of Ma’at and the guidance it provides leads me to further see how important it is for us to live lives of love and balance. The ‘dew drop’ as our speaker referred to us as is a symbol of refreshing and healing, but it also reminds me of the circle of water through its many states. It takes many forms throughout its cycle, solid, liquid, and gas, however every stage is designed to sooth the roars of the last; it is never ending and is necessary for the life of our planet.
It is this necessity that inspired me when thinking about the dew drop, how it is such a small and seemingly insignificant bit of water left on the pedals of plants in the early mornings, yet this moisture soothes the heat of the sun during the day and protects the plants from freezing at night.
Then it hit me, there are billions of people in this world, perhaps as many people as there are drops of dew on the leaves of a tree, and it is our presence as the new and the open to refresh the old, repair the damaged, and become the future of this never-ending tree.